Shimla: Recent landslides in Himachal Pradesh blocked National Highway NH 205, NH 103 and NH 5. Kalka-Shimla road, a prominent National Highway-5, has been temporarily closed due to a landslide that occurred during the early hours. In another landslide along the Shimla-Dharamshala National Highway-103, two to three houses and four vehicles have come under the debris.

The state has been grappling with the intense monsoon season, leading to frequent landslides and sudden floods. Tragically, these natural disasters have resulted in the loss of 255 lives since June 24. The impact on infrastructure has been significant, with around 800 houses being completely destroyed and another 7500 houses suffering partial damage.

A recent landslide has blocked the route to Sri Naina Devi temple. Heavy rainfall in the region of the district triggered this unfortunate event. Those planning to visit the temple are advised to consider alternative routes to access it.

In another tragic incident, four rooms of the Nalagarh Fort, a historical structure dating back around 600 years, collapsed due to a landslide. Constructed in 1421 AD by Raja Bikram Chand of the Chand dynasty in Himachal Pradesh, the fort once symbolised the region’s heritage. In more recent times, the erstwhile royal family transformed the fort into a resort.

The impact of the ongoing monsoon has been substantial. Since its onset on June 24, Himachal Pradesh has witnessed a series of rain-related mishaps and road accidents that have led to the unfortunate demise of 255 individuals. These incidents and the natural calamities have incurred significant economic losses for the state, amounting to Rs 6,807 crore.

The state emergency operation centre’s data highlights the severity of the situation. Amidst these challenging times, it is crucial to exercise caution and stay informed about any updates regarding routes and safety measures.

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