Shimla: Collaborating with Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), The Lawrence School, Sanawar, known for its commitment to holistic education, hosted a groundbreaking CBSE Capacity Building Workshop focusing on the concept of “Happy Classrooms” The event brought together over fifty educators from six schools located across North India including St. Mary’s School, Kasauli, Pinegrove School, Subathu, and The Lawrence School, Sanawar to delve into innovative approaches aimed at fostering joy and positivity within educational spaces.

The workshop, held at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, served as a platform for educators to explore strategies and techniques aimed at creating vibrant and engaging learning environments for both students and teachers alike. With the theme of ‘Happy Classrooms,’ participants engaged in discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions aimed at understanding and implementing practices that promote happiness and well-being within classrooms.

Ms. Anila Nair, Principal of Sri Auribindo Public School, Baddi, and Ms. Upasana Vashishtha, Principal of Florence Convent School, Subathu, graced the event as esteemed speakers. Leveraging their extensive experience in the field of education, they shared invaluable insights and practical approaches to cultivating joy and positivity within classroom settings. Their contributions provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the significance of creating happy and nurturing learning environments.

Throughout the workshop, participants actively exchanged ideas, experiences, and best practices, further enriching the learning experience. The collective wisdom and shared experiences of the teaching community contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the elements essential for fostering happy classrooms.

Commenting on the event, Himmat Singh Dhillon, Headmaster at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, remarked, “We are happy to be hosting this CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Happy Classrooms. The workshop has been a delightful as well as transformative experience for all participants. It has not only provided us with practical strategies but has also reaffirmed the importance of prioritizing the well-being and happiness of both students and educators within educational settings.”

The one-day workshop concluded as a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with innovative tools to create joyful and enriching classroom experiences. The Lawrence School, Sanawar, remains committed to continuing its efforts in fostering holistic education and nurturing environments where students thrive and excel.

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