Solan: The closing ceremony of the Kabaddi tournament for the Solan Constituency Zone was held at Mashiwar Panchayat  today with great enthusiasm and excitement. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of chief guest Col. Sanjay Shandil, Commanding Officer 1HP Girls Bn NCC Solan accompanied by his wife Mrs. Poonam Shandil.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome to all the dignitaries and guests present at the event. Among the notable attendees were Up Pradhan Naresh Kumar, Ward Member Krishna, Principal Shiv Prabhakar, Ex Controller Tek Chand Kayshap, Ex Pradhan Vineeta, and other respected members of the community.

A total of 10 teams participated in the tournament, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship on the kabaddi field. The competition was intense and spirited, reflecting the dedication and hard work of all the participants.

Col. Sanjay Shandil addressed the audience with an inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of sports and the role of NCC (National Cadet Corps) in instilling discipline and patriotism among the youth. He praised the participants for their efforts and encouraged them to continue pursuing their passion for sports.

In his speech, Col. Shandil also touched upon pressing issues facing today’s youth, such as the addiction to mobile phones and drugs. He urged the audience to be vigilant about these challenges and work towards creating a healthier, more active lifestyle for the younger generation.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of awards and certificates to the winning teams and participants, celebrating their achievements and contributions to the tournament. Overall, the closing ceremony was a resounding success, leaving a positive impact on all who attended and highlighting the importance of sports in building strong, resilient communities.

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