Guwahati: Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) appreciates the decision of Assam government to recognise Bhaskarabda, a period counted from the date of ascension by the greatest king of Kamrup, as an official calendar along with the Saka and Gregorian charts. It opines that the initiative will be proved as an unparalleled tribute to Kumar Bhaskar Varma, the illustrious ruler of Kamrup kingdom (or ancient Assam) in 7th century AD. Mentionable is that State chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, soon after a recent meeting with the officials of general administration department (GAD), informed that the government is planning to include Bhaskarabda, which is based on both the phases of Moon and Sun, in all official works from now onwards. The luni-solar calendar began with the date when Bhaskar Varma  was crowned ruler of the huge Kamrup kingdom. Belonged to the Varman dynasty, Bhaskar Varma (600–650 AD) is known asa powerful as well as intellectual leader.

Buddhist pilgrim Hiuen Tsang (from China) visited Kamrup in 640 AD and also attended the court of Bhaskar Varma, who was a spirited patron of Vedic culture and Sanskrit studies. Kamrup, which was also known as Pragjyotish in the mythological era, has been recognised as the first historical kingdom of Assam  and was a most advanced territory  under his reign.  Bhaskar Varma was a contemporary to the north Indian emperor Harshavardhan, another celebrated ruler of Bharatvarsa. Both enjoyed political ties with mutual respect.“Honouring the prodigious Kamrup monarch Bhaskar Varma (also known as Bhaskar Varman), we can actually illuminate the history of eastern India (as most of its part was under the territory Kamrup kingdom),”said the forum of nationalist citizens in a statement adding that the official recognition of Bhaskarabda indicates the beginning of amuch-needed pursuit of yesteryears.

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