Guwahati: Over 500 local, regional and international organizations of Myanmar (Burma/Brahmadesh) have urged the UK foreign secretary to sanction all companies involved in supplying aviation fuel to the trouble-torn southeast Asian nation, as its ruling junta have intensified aerial attacks over its own people, who have raised voices against the military dictators.

In a recent letter addressing James Cleverly, secretary of State for the foreign, commonwealth & development office, London, United Kingdom, the pro-democracy organisations requested the government to ‘ensure no British companies is involved, directly or indirectly, in the supply of aviation fuel to the Myanmar military junta’. They also appealed for decisive, stronger actions to end the military rule in Myanmar.

“The illegal coup attempt launched by the Myanmar military in February 2021 has led to gross human rights violations nationwide and caused an unprecedented human rights and humanitarian crisis. Terrorizing attacks by the junta, most notably airstrikes, have taken more than 2,500 lives and displaced over 1.2 million people, with exact numbers are expected to be much higher. Civilians have been consistently targeted and under constant threat of aerial attacks,” said the letter.

It argues that the junta’s intensified aerial attacks have been enabled by aviation fuel, supplied and brokered by foreign companies. The supply chain of aviation fuel from foreign ports has direct links to war crimes being committed daily by the junta. Some British companies are also providing insurance services to vessels delivering aviation fuel to Myanmar. As long as the supply chain is allowed to continue, the junta’s atrocities will take more lives, added the communique.

Asserting that the UK Government’s commitment to values of democracy and human rights must be reflected in its responses to address the Myanmar’s deepening catastrophes, the organisations lauded the previous actions to the Burmese people while supporting the National Unity Government. However, they expect more decisive, practical actions from London to end the ongoing aerial attacks and atrocities in Myanmar.


The author is a Guwahati-based journalist, who writes for various media outlets based in different parts of the globe.

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